Babylock Serger Reviews

babylock serger

Evolution in the world of home and industry based sewers was eminent after the idea of easy Jet-Air Threading was propagated by the BabyLock company. BabyLock Sergers have been in the market for a relatively short period of time however, in less than 50 years the company has been able to take over the market and its sales have surpassed in comparison to all other companies such as Pffuf and Singer.

The idea is to introduce a machine that is not only lightweight but, portable. Unlike other ancient sewing machines that are being used across the globe, BabyLock Sergers have reduced the complexity of the task to a mere touch of a button. First time buyers are usually confused about the difference between a Serger and a Sewing Machine. This article will not only help you differentiate between the two but also help you make the right choice while choosing a Serger.

Why Buy a Baby Lock Serger?

Baby Sergers are not the same thing as sewing machines. Otherwise known as overlock machines, Sergers are used to manufacture clean and durable seams that not only have a professional touch to them but, also allow home based manufacturers to compete with products made at a commercial level.

One of the main differences between a Sewing Machine and a BabyLock Serger is that, a Serger can use a number of needle and threads at the same time. Using up to 3-4 threads depending on the type of stitch you want, this machine prevents your fabric from fraying at the edges. Similarly, a BabyLock Serger is a lot faster at sewing in comparison to a normal sewing machine. In one minute, a Serger can perform up to 1500 stitches! It not only sews the seam while trimming off the extra fabric but also tidies it up. The most important thing to remember is that while a sewing machine might fulfill some of your basic production needs, it cannot deliver you a final product. This is where the role of Sergers comes into play.

At first, many customers complained about the complexity of threading their machine however, soon BabyLock introduced an Automatic Thread Delivery System within their Sergers making the process easier than ever. Moreover, these BabyLock machines do not require a tension dial; your Serger has the ability to adjust its tension to produce a perfect stitch.

Buyer’s Guide

A Serger is not an option if you are willing to give a refined and professional touch to your product. Other than enhancing the look, it also guarantees its longevity. Do not rush yourself into making a wrong decision. This buyer’s guide will give you a basic guideline that you need to follow while buying a BabyLock Serger.

  • Try out different types of BabyLock Sergers to make sure you choose the right one: Buying a machine is a personal experience; everyone has their own reasons to like a certain type. Do not depend on online reviews while finding the right Serger for yourself. Your requirements might be different than that of others. In simple words, do not gamble when you have the option to make the right choice.
  • Buy your machine from a dealership: While Amazon might have some amazing deals lined up for you, it is important to note that it does not give any warranty for the product that you purchase. What if a part of your Serger goes missing or ends up being damaged? A good dealer will not only help you with the repair but also answer any queries that you might have regarding your machine.
  • Bring up your own fabric to the store and try different types of stitches:

It is important to find out if a certain Serger will be able to sew the type of fabric you intend to sew. If you end up buying a Serger that does not fulfill its purpose, you’re only wasting your time, money and energy on the wrong product.

  • Look over the accessories that come with a certain model: I’m not saying that some parts might be missing from the machine. The main aim over here is to ensure that you buy a model that has all the features that you need. Does it have a sewing table or a waste catcher? Make yourself a check list while buying a new machine.
  • What stiches are available on the machine and how easy are they to use?

Most Serging machines are capable of sewing up to 3-4 stiches however; there are some models that can even sew using 5 or more threads. Make sure that you ask the sales person about these specifications. If you sew a lot of knits buy a Serger which has the option to create a cover stich.

  • Don’t be afraid of your new machine: I promise you, getting a hold of your new machine is not as hard or scary as people make it out to be. Learning how to use a sewing machine must be just as scary at first but, you made that work and you can surely do it again!

Ever since the Japanese visionaries decided to revolutionize the old industrial over lockers, BabyLock has been conquering the world with its impressive range of features. The Jet Air Threading TM system, The ExtraordinAirTm Threading System and the ATD system which automatically regulates the Thread Delivery are just a few examples of the wide range Sergers that are being introduced by the company worldwide.

BabyLock till this day is a go-to brand for all the manufacturers who wish to purchase top of the line Sergers. These durable machines are famous for their originality and innovative designs. What makes the BabyLock standout from other companies is that it uses patent designs to improve your sewing experience. If you are looking for a machine that guarantees an outstanding performance look no further, BabyLock Sergers are designed to fulfill the demand of its sewing community with the guarantee that it will not fall short of any feature.