Announcing Our Newest Moroccan Collection!

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Well, the long awaited launch is upon us! It's been almost three years since my last trip to Morocco, and it seems like a lifetime ago! The last collection I curated was really well received, but unfortunate that the connections I put in place to continue ordering didn't pan out.

Time went by, and no luck- then FINALLY... prayers were answered!! I'm so thrilled to share these exquisite artisanal blankets and cushions with you- I just know you'll love them. My favorite thing about styling this collection, is the dimension in the weaving. What looks like a simple navy blanket from afar, actually has amazing depth, texture, and a luxurious feel. Thanks in part to a blend of hand-spun wool and cotton, you are purchasing a heritage piece that is incredibly warm, yet soft to the touch. And as always, know that each and every purchase you make at Interwoven, is helping support men and women in their trades.

Even though Moroccans have been weaving these blankets and cushions for years, the fresh palettes, pom poms, and stripes are right on trend- allowing you to effortlessly add color, texture, and a story to your space.

As if this collection wasn't exciting enough, there's even more! I am thrilled to announce that you, my dear customer, will have the ability to special order blankets and cushions in the size and colors you choose! If for some reason you're unable to find what you're looking for on my site, simply contact me at I will work directly with you, and in a matter of a few weeks your special order will be made and on its way.


I've prepared an extremely limited quantity this first round, and it will be up to you to set an alarm to be one of the lucky first customers that gets in-stock items. If you aren't one of the first several orders, DON'T WORRY! As soon as we sell out, we will switch to a pre-order system, and from there, orders will ship out in 2-3 weeks. Easy peasy!


Since Interwoven's inception, we've been proud to offer free shipping; however, after much thought, we have decided to change our policy. I know that this might sound like a big deal, but I'm confident that we are still incredibly competitive with other artisanal home decor shops, and promise that you won't go wrong buying from us. This policy will go into effect on launch day, and I'll provide more information at that time.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me. I so appreciate your support, and whether you've just found us, or have been buying for years, THANK YOU!! We love our customers, and as always, hope that the treasures found here will find a happy spot in your home. 



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Our latest Hmong Collection is Here!

Photo credit: SDC Vietnam


Wow! It's mid-November! The time sure knows how to fly. It's been a wonderful year at Interwoven so far, and we're gearing up for the holidays with the launch of a small, but beautiful collection of vintage cushions from the Hmong region. 

I'm sure you've seen this style lately, with the global trends in home decor and fashion that we are seeing everywhere, but I wanted to share with you some more background into this traditional style of weaving and dyeing synonymous with this region.

The Hmong origins can be traced all the way back to Siberia and Central Asia, but amidst oppression and persecution, they eventually found roots in the mountainous areas of Laos, Vietnam, Burma, and Thailand. The word "Hmong" means human being, or free people. The Hmong brought with them a rich cultural heritage, and are still weaving and creating their traditional art to this day.

The actual process of extracting indigo is quite labor intensive and is part art, part science, part spiritual.

The first step after soaking indigo leaves in water for several days is to add calcium carbonate. Taking the solid part that sinks to the bottom, the Hmong people then stir the powder into rain water diluted with ash. This process takes about a week. Finally, a piece of hemp is then dipped into the indigo water for thirty minutes, hung to dry, and then dipped again for up to a HUNDRED times to reach the desired hue of indigo. 

Isn't that amazing??!

And that's just to dye the fabric, not to mention the embroidery that happens once the fabric is ready to adorn.

Once you know the work that goes into the pillows from this collection, as well a part of the history behind the artisans that make them, you can more easily understand that you are buying not just something beautiful– but something full of meaning and tradition all while supporting the artists and their way of life.

We hope you love our latest collection of pillows. We are planning on keeping a selection in stock regularly, and hope that you will appreciate their beauty as much as we do!

Thank you as always for your support of our shop. It means a lot.




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Design Sponge Feature!

Design Sponge has always been a huge resource and inspiration for me in terms of design. And as one of the oldest and most established blogs, I always dreamed of being featured there. Our move back from Abu Dhabi, was a difficult one, but we are settled and finally feeling peace and happiness where we are. I think our home reflects that and I was so honored to work with Grace, editor of D*S to put this home tour together.

Check out the tour here!

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A Moroccan Adventure

I am so excited to launch my fall collection, and so grateful for all the support of Interwoven this past year. Our big move from the Middle East has been no easy task, but we are settling in, and Interwoven is ready to really take off! I've been waiting to share my latest shopping trip with you... I chose to return to Morocco for a second time, but along with friends. It was an absolutely incredible experience, and I hope I can give you a small glimpse into this beautiful country.



The plan was to travel with three great ladies I've met while living abroad. We flew into Casablanca and then drove to Rabat, the capitol city. I was extremely lucky to have Camille, my dear friend with the ability to speak French, Arabic, and a little Spanish, which proved to be very handy in the Northern region.

We toured Rabat, the capitol city, and then drove to Ifrane, a little mountain town known as the Switzerland of Morocco. It was beautiful, and felt surprisingly like home. In the morning, we made the beautiful drive to Khenifra, where we were met by a local Berber friend, who guided us to a rug auction. This place was fantastic, as the women who weaved the gorgeous textiles came straight to the market and sold their goods. I could've spent all day there, and it's where I bought the bulk of my collection. It was so interested to see these Berber women with their colorful djellabas along with their children. I tried to imagine what their life must be like...where artisan handicrafts are such a big part of their lives.

The next morning we drove on to Fez, the grandest of imperial cities. We stayed in an absolutely beautiful riad, where we met lots of new friends. That really might have been the highlight of my trip. We did lots of shopping, visited the tanneries, and had the most incredible evening meals prepared by the family that ran the riad. 

After our adventure in Fez, we made the journey north, to Chefchaouen, which was strikingly beautiful. The riads and homes were painted blue, and the winding roads inside the medina were overlooked up above by a picturesque Spanish mosque which we made a memorable hike to.

We finished the trip up with a drive even farther north to a town called Akchour. Oh my! An amazing hike up to a gorgeous series of waterfalls, and then a traditional Moroccan lunch just beside them. Ahh. I won't ever forget it. Morocco is incredible, and I will go back again and again. I can't say enough about the people who helped us while on our journey and the friends I've met. Most importantly, I'm incredibly grateful to the artisans of this beautiful country for keeping their traditions alive, so we can learn more about them.

I hope you enjoy the collection.



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A Sale + News!

Time is flying by!
Check out our sale on our Kashmiri collection of gorgeous pillows to freshen up your room for the summer.
In other big news... Interwoven is moving! After five years in the United Arab Emirates,  my family and I are making the long and emotional journey back to America. It's been a wonderful time for growth in this place...I've met so many people from all over the globe, and travelled to some unforgettable places. I'm excited, however, to return to the states and continue Interwoven- still working hard curating a beautiful collection of artisanal goods for your home.
Due to the move, my last shipments will go out Monday June 30th, and will resume July 15. So if there's something in the shop you've had your eye on, now is the time to snag it!
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We are Live!

Well, we made it! One month shy of hitting the year mark, Interwoven is relaunching and I can promise you, we're bigger and better than ever.

I'd like to say a special thank you to the beautiful ladies over at October Ink, for the rebranding and site design. Morgan and Jayne were an absolute pleasure to work with, and I would whole heartedly recommend them to anyone looking for help with a project. There were a few times where I thought that they might want to kill me, but they were incredibly patient and friendly throughout the whole process, making this journey so much easier. Also, this relaunch would not have been possible without the help of my photographer and friend, Ellie Stott, who did a huge portion of the photography on this site. A thanks also to Lindsay Simmons who came and offered assistance with shooting and styling, and lots of laughs and french pastries when the going got rough. And last but not least, a big thanks to my super cute nerd of a husband, McSean, who sat down with me line by line, product by product, making sure I was doing my accounting correctly... something that doesn't come naturally to me! I much prefer the more glamorous parts of the job! Nevertheless, his complete faith in me, and all his hard work creating the foundation of the business has given me so much confidence and hope that together, we can continue to grow Interwoven into an amazing brand.

What a fantastic ride it's been so far! Soaking up all the knowledge I can about artisanal textiles, finding and building relationships with my amazing suppliers, and most importantly, working with you! All of my customers and clients have taught me so much, and I'm determined to keep bringing amazing goods from all over the globe, right to your door. I've shipped incredible rugs, quilts, tapestries, and cushions all over the world now, and I am still so humbled and amazed that such an exciting dream is coming true.

I'm really thrilled to have this new space where I'll be sharing decorating tips and advice, travel journals, and my true passion- the rich stories behind the pieces I sell. I want for you, my customer, to have a wealth of information at your fingertips. I'll post everything you've ever wanted to know about the ins and outs of carpet weaving, the meanings behind regional tribal motifs, and a look into the life of the artisans who've made what you see in the shop.

Together, we will see how INTERWOVEN we truly are.

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