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Wow! It's mid-November! The time sure knows how to fly. It's been a wonderful year at Interwoven so far, and we're gearing up for the holidays with the launch of a small, but beautiful collection of vintage cushions from the Hmong region. 

I'm sure you've seen this style lately, with the global trends in home decor and fashion that we are seeing everywhere, but I wanted to share with you some more background into this traditional style of weaving and dyeing synonymous with this region.

The Hmong origins can be traced all the way back to Siberia and Central Asia, but amidst oppression and persecution, they eventually found roots in the mountainous areas of Laos, Vietnam, Burma, and Thailand. The word "Hmong" means human being, or free people. The Hmong brought with them a rich cultural heritage, and are still weaving and creating their traditional art to this day.

The actual process of extracting indigo is quite labor intensive and is part art, part science, part spiritual.

The first step after soaking indigo leaves in water for several days is to add calcium carbonate. Taking the solid part that sinks to the bottom, the Hmong people then stir the powder into rain water diluted with ash. This process takes about a week. Finally, a piece of hemp is then dipped into the indigo water for thirty minutes, hung to dry, and then dipped again for up to a HUNDRED times to reach the desired hue of indigo. 

Isn't that amazing??!

And that's just to dye the fabric, not to mention the embroidery that happens once the fabric is ready to adorn.

Once you know the work that goes into the pillows from this collection, as well a part of the history behind the artisans that make them, you can more easily understand that you are buying not just something beautiful– but something full of meaning and tradition all while supporting the artists and their way of life.

We hope you love our latest collection of pillows. We are planning on keeping a selection in stock regularly, and hope that you will appreciate their beauty as much as we do!

Thank you as always for your support of our shop. It means a lot.




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