Announcing Our Newest Moroccan Collection!

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Well, the long awaited launch is upon us! It's been almost three years since my last trip to Morocco, and it seems like a lifetime ago! The last collection I curated was really well received, but unfortunate that the connections I put in place to continue ordering didn't pan out.

Time went by, and no luck- then FINALLY... prayers were answered!! I'm so thrilled to share these exquisite artisanal blankets and cushions with you- I just know you'll love them. My favorite thing about styling this collection, is the dimension in the weaving. What looks like a simple navy blanket from afar, actually has amazing depth, texture, and a luxurious feel. Thanks in part to a blend of hand-spun wool and cotton, you are purchasing a heritage piece that is incredibly warm, yet soft to the touch. And as always, know that each and every purchase you make at Interwoven, is helping support men and women in their trades.

Even though Moroccans have been weaving these blankets and cushions for years, the fresh palettes, pom poms, and stripes are right on trend- allowing you to effortlessly add color, texture, and a story to your space.

As if this collection wasn't exciting enough, there's even more! I am thrilled to announce that you, my dear customer, will have the ability to special order blankets and cushions in the size and colors you choose! If for some reason you're unable to find what you're looking for on my site, simply contact me at I will work directly with you, and in a matter of a few weeks your special order will be made and on its way.


I've prepared an extremely limited quantity this first round, and it will be up to you to set an alarm to be one of the lucky first customers that gets in-stock items. If you aren't one of the first several orders, DON'T WORRY! As soon as we sell out, we will switch to a pre-order system, and from there, orders will ship out in 2-3 weeks. Easy peasy!


Since Interwoven's inception, we've been proud to offer free shipping; however, after much thought, we have decided to change our policy. I know that this might sound like a big deal, but I'm confident that we are still incredibly competitive with other artisanal home decor shops, and promise that you won't go wrong buying from us. This policy will go into effect on launch day, and I'll provide more information at that time.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me. I so appreciate your support, and whether you've just found us, or have been buying for years, THANK YOU!! We love our customers, and as always, hope that the treasures found here will find a happy spot in your home. 



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