The 7 Easiest Serger For Beginners

The entire world is currently at a standstill with billions of people being ordered to stay at home until the pandemic comes under some control. Calling this time stressful would be an understatement, plus being at home and not being able to do anything does tend to add to the problem. This is why we…(Continue Reading)

The 3 Best Janome Overlocker For All Your Sewing Needs

Back in the days, overlockers were only used professionally in the sewing industry but owing to the improvement in technology that has paved a way for the production of compact and lightweight overlockers, they can also be found in many households today. In fact, they are replacing the regular sewing machines as they offer greater…(Continue Reading)

Juki MO 735 Review

The Juki MO-735’s price is bound to raise a few eyebrows. This is not the cheapest serger in the market, but it definitely makes up for its hefty price tag. This serger machine offers a great serging experience. Its functionality and wide array of features makes the cover stitch machine useful for professionals and for…(Continue Reading)

Janome 7933 Serger Review

Serger sewing machines have really come a long way. Nowadays, quality sergers are available for domestic use as well. Companies have begun producing compact models that are made with enthusiasts and hobbyists kept in mind. The Janome 7933 falls in this category of sergers to the letter. In our review, we are going to take…(Continue Reading)

Janome 3434D Serger Review

As far as user friendly sergers go, the Janome 3434D is a superb machine. It makes overlock sergers easy to use without skimping out on useful and crucial features. Today, in our review, we are going to take an in depth look at this product. We will talk about what it has to offer and…(Continue Reading)