Janome 7933 Serger Review

Janome 7933 sergerSerger sewing machines have really come a long way. Nowadays, quality sergers are available for domestic use as well. Companies have begun producing compact models that are made with enthusiasts and hobbyists kept in mind. The Janome 7933 falls in this category of sergers to the letter. In our review, we are going to take an in depth look at this serger. We will be going through all the features it has to offer and figure out whether it is worth buying or not.


The Janome 7933 is a compact and simple looking machine. This sewing machine is made with beginner hobbyists kept in mind. People who are into sewing and are wanting to try their hand at serger machines. Pretty much any sewing enthusiast considers investing in a serger. These machines are versatile and can really expand your stitching horizons.

The 7933 offers precision and reliable strength. It is a machine that can really make its user feel confident as they go about their work. The machine can produce 3 and 4 thread overlock stitches with varied distance between each stitch. It also lets users adjust its differential feed. This ensures that you can put a variety of fabrics through the machine without having to worry about any stretching.

The stitching area’s upper knife is retractable. This prevents it from getting in your way when you do not need it. This neat feature makes your stitching area safer for your hands and also for your fabric. This machine makes an active effort to become as user friendly as possible. You can open it sideways to make the stitching area easier to view. This feature also makes threading the machine easier. It even tries to simplify the threading process by providing a color-coded threading diagram.


  • You can adjust the length and width of your stitches. This lets you get really creative with your hemming projects.
  • The machine has a powerful motor that allows it to work on thicker fabrics as well. Despite being powerful, the motor functions silently.
  • The upper knife can be retracted when you don’t need it. This eliminates the chances of you accidentally cutting yourself or your fabric as you work.
  • The machine’s left side can be opened to make the sewing area more accessible. This also makes threading the machine a lot easier.
  • You can produce 3 and 4 thread overlocks. The machine’s elastic overlock makes adjusting your stitches really simple.
  • The machine’s differential feed can be adjusted to suit the type of fabric you’re working on. This feature allows you to work fast without having to worry about your fabric puckering.


  • Despite all the measures it takes, threading the machine is still difficult. Especially for beginners.


Overall, the Janome 7933 is a superb serger for people who are getting into serging. It is powerful, versatile, and reliable. You can use the machine in a variety of projects. It is ideal for seaming and for doing creative hemming work. Its adjustability lets you finetune the machines stitching based on your needs.