Serger Reviews

serger reviews

Most of us tend to make fun of people who actively enjoy doing things like embroidery, cooking, gardening or sewing as hobbies because they seem pretty old-fashioned. However, if you look at the growing number of people buying these machines and tools and actively participating in these hobbies now, you will be surprised. There are now online communities dedicated to just posting and talking about serger reviews, buying the right serger sewing machine and so on. If anything, it just goes to show that these are actually far more productive hobbies and are just as important and valid as any other interest that people might have. If anything, activities like sewing, cooking, mending, stitching, etc. should not be considered niche hobbies, they should instead be taught as essential life skills to a lot of us because this can be incredibly handy for us in cases of emergency or otherwise.

The Evolution of Sewing

Traditionally people would sew their clothes with just the one needle and thread by hand, and while this is still practiced in some parts of the world today, the way we sew has changed dramatically over the last few centuries. The industrial revolution leads to the creation of a number of things, and one of these included the first manually operated sewing machine. This was a rather crude design at first, but it was considered to be the pinnacle of innovation back in its day. You can still find manual sewing machines today, and they are usually used by beginners to help them get used to the basics of handling a sewing machine. However, sewing machines today are automatic and are a great mix between computerized and manual. Plus, it comes with different stitch capabilities, so you are able to stitch different kinds of stitching styles onto different kinds of fabric, making it really easy for even a beginner to learn.

Enter The Serger

Now, if you have some experience with stitching, or have listened to a few conversations or discussions between enthusiasts, you have probably heard or come across the word Serger being tossed around everywhere. If you are not familiar with them, then Sergers are best known as overlock machines. These are different from standard sewing machines since a normal Serger sewing setup includes two needles, and at least 4 different threads being used at once, and sometimes 5 depending on the model and type of machine. So, it is safe to say that Sergers are very different from normal sewing machines.

Why Sergers Are Not a Standalone Item

A common misconception amongst people is that a Serger sewing machine can replace a sewing machine as a standalone machine, even though that is actually not the case. Sergers are machines that specialize in just overlocking. You will still need a normal sewing machine in order to deal with things like zippers, topstitches, and sewing along the inside of the corners of the fabric and so on. So, if you want to make sure that you get a professional overlock job done, then you should opt for a Serger sewing machine, but regardless of whatever decision you choose to make, you will need to buy a sewing machine.

Do You Need a Serger?

A lot of people start questioning whether or not buying a Serger would actually be right for them, and that is a smart thing to consider because you do not want to spend extra money on a machine that you will probably use once every few months. So, here are a few things you should consider and ask yourself before you go ahead and actually buy the best Serger.

  • If you are someone that only sews or deal with clothes occasionally as a lazy hobby, spending a few extra hundred dollars on a Serger machine which will probably just collect dust and rust, there is no point in getting one. Sure, you can always buy cheaper and used versions of them online, but once again, it is better to leave this interest to the professionals who will actually be using this most of the time.
  • If you enjoy stitching clothes but are not satisfied with the quality of the stitch that comes out of your normal sewing machine, then you need to either buy a new stitching machine or invest in a good Serger and then be awestruck by the level of execution achieved via the Serger.
  • If you are someone that likes to play around with different kinds of fabric but are limited to your range of fabric options, you can buy a Serger and actually get creative because Sergers are known to be very versatile since they can be used with a number of different kinds of fabrics.
  • If you want to open your own boutique or sell some of the clothes you stitched, you can buy a Serger machine and use that for a more polished and good quality finish in your stitches.

To sum it all up, sergers are devices that are used to help create a better overlock stitch as the finishing stitch. They are not standalone devices and should always be used with a proper sewing machine in order to get the best possible results. So, using a Serger sewing machine with a proper sewing machine is the ideal scenario and is the right way to ensure that you have the cleanest and most secure stitches on your fabric.

After reading up some Serger machine reviews, investing in a Serger will actually be a great idea for anyone who happens to enjoy sewing and being creative because there is a lot of options in thread colors and fabric varieties to play with as well. So, if you have not already, go and buy yourself a sewing machine and/or a Serger sewing machine and actually make use of what it has to offer to you because you can revamp and recycle older clothes and make them last longer as well. We will be able to do a lot of things with a Serger and a sewing machine once you have figured out the mechanism of it.